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Plain doc signing for a dollar a doc

You don't need a monthly subscription for document signing. PlainSign is simple, pay as you go e-signing without bloated enterprise features you won't use.

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Get a feel for how easy it is to sign documents with our demo Confidentiality Agreement

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Everything you need for e-signing at a fair price

Plain doesn't mean under-featured. It means the absence of enterprise bloat. Upload multiple documents and markup with 12 different types of field. Add multiple signers. Support for optional fields, duplicated fields and more. Send an envelope out multiple times. PlainSign is a first-class signing solution with zero lock-in.

Pay as You Go

  • Pay a dollar per signing credit (+ processing)
  • Regardless of the number of signers or docs in the envelope
  • No minimum purchase
  • No monthly subscription
PlainSign. Plain doc signing for a dollar a doc.